Hello everybody, I am Tei lived in Shanghai.Are you distress to thinning hair? I am so distressed to my thinning hair..But since I used the Japanese thinning drugs, my condition is extraordinary change!Medicine made by Japan is very amazing.I actually feel my hair has increased.

This time, in a product that I’ve tried, I am introducing the best 3^^When you come to Japan, would you try theses products?




The nice thing about “KANKIROU” is no-sexual boarder.Men and women can use this product either.Smell is not bad and package is beautiful, can be used as a stylish interior.Regarding to the effect, that is not bad. This product is outstandingly clean and good. If the scalp is clean, you will be confident to come grow the hair.




KAROYAN is made by DAIICHISANKYO-healthcare company that is one of the famous medical company in Japan.KAROYAN has 2 types. There are blue package for oily skin and pink package for dry skin.The choice of the best products from the appearance of the skin is a high point.I used blue KAROYAN because my skin is oily.RANK3 KANKIROU is a product with an emphasis on scalp care, but KAROYAN is a product that combines the scalp care and hair growth promoting effect.Specifically KAROYAN clean up your scalp and firmly penetrate hair growth promoting effect.It is a product that pretty effect can be realized.




RiUP X5 PLUS is the strongest of the hair-grower in Japan definitely.Specifically, RiUP X5 PLUS is the only Japanese medicine that is only compounding the hair growth ingredient “minoxidil”.If you went to the hospital, this medicine should be prescribed.There are confidence and effectiveness in this medicine.Of course, the effect is also most strongly, I have been using only this product recently.On the other hand, you can only buy the medicine in the place where the pharmacist is.I often buy at Japanese drug store “Matsumotokiyoshi” and “CREATE”.(Please show this article “Japanese best drugstore”)


How was it?In Japan, since there are many bold people, the technology of the hair-grower is high.When you travel to Japan, please take a look^^


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