In my previous article, I gave a brief introduction of the TOP Drug Stores in Japan. In this article, I will be introducing the TOP 5 Phamacy that you might want to carry with you for emergency purposes.
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· No5 Gaster 10

Gaster 10 is a common medication for the stomach problems. It is effective for stomach aches, heartburns, indigestion, and nausea. There are a variety of medications for stomach problems in Japan, but in my opinion, Gaster 10 is by far the most effective from my experiences. I also heard from many Japanese friends that Gaster 10 is also often prescribed by doctors for people who are diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Gaster 10 is effective for any problems arising from drinking too much alcohol, gastroenteritis, Norovirus, and many other stomach problems, and definitely a medication that everyone would want to keep in the household.


· No4 Bufferin Luna

bufferin luna
Bufferin Luna is a popular medication for menstrual cramps. Although this topic might seem irrelevant to men, for all men who have a feminine sibling, girlfriend or friend, you might want to memo this. I can’t imagine what’s worse than to have someone snap at you during your holidays. Bufferin Luna is widely recognized in Japan for being effective for menstrual cramps. For all females who are experiencing menstrual cramps once a month, and is looking for medications to relief the pain, maybe you should try Bufferin Luna. It should help in case of emergency.


· No3 Perak T Tablets

Perak T tablet is medication for sore throats and cold sores. Have you ever experience the tickle in your throat just before you catch a cold? The thing I hate most during those times is that you can’t really taste what you are eating. Perak T tablet is medication that surprisingly cures sore throat. There are a variety of brands, and also types of medication such as sprays sold at Drug Stores that is said to heal sore throats, but I find Perak T tablets to work the best. I highly recommend you trying it out.


· No2 Loxonin S

Loxonin S is a medication that works for most pain and aches such as headaches or menstrual cramps. Most Japanese people do not see a dentist right away when they have toothaches or cavities, and during those times, they will take Loxonin S for a fast pain reliever. At times like these, Loxonin S really works miracles. However, because it is only a temporary relief, make sure you go see a dentist immediately when you can. I would definitely recommend keeping Loxonin S around the house in case of emergencies.


· No1 new Lulu A Table

New Lulu A Tablets is effective for all cold symptoms. Of course, there is always medication that works better than new Lulu A tablet, however, the price is also considerably higher. For light symptoms such as sore throats, fever, a runny nose, I would highly recommend new Lulu A tablet. You should try some of this the next you come to Japan and you catch a cold.


Well, for all you readers, I hope this article will be a good reference for those who are looking for medication in Japan.
Let me know if you have any questions regarding this article or any information that you would like to know about medication in Japan.
Enjoy your stay in Japan!


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