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Constipation is a common problem that can occur due to stress, unbalanced diet, etc. It’s kind of an embarrassing issue to talk about with people, and that is why I rely on home remedies and constipation medication. As some of you female readers might be able to sympathize with me, 1) constipation is more common in women than men, 2) There’s a higher chance of constipation occurring prior to your period. So yes, constipation is normal and you don’t have to be embarrassed about it. Well, for all you men out there, girls really have it tough. I mean, think about it, Constipation + mood swings prior to their period, stomach cramps during their period and this occurs once every month.  Can you imagine how much it would suck? Well, it sucks 100 times more when it comes during your vacation, and trust me, there’s a higher chance that constipation will occur during your vacation due to an unbalanced diet and change in environment. Well, good thing we have Made in Japan Constipation Medication that will save your day! In my other articles, I introduced the top 3 Made in Japan Sanitary Napkins, and Top 3 Pain Killers for stomach cramps for all you female readers. In this article, I would like to introduce the Top 3 Made in Japan Constipation Medicine for both men and women.

Rank 3 (colac)


This Constipation medication has 350 tablets/ box and sold at 2,500 yen/ box. The good thing about these tablets is its petite size, making it easy to swallow. It gives a quick relief for constipation. I find that approximately around 30 mins of taking this Constipation medication, I would feel like going to the toilet, which is why I find this Constipation medication great. However, because this Constipation medication relieves constipation by stimulating bowel movements, it can sometimes cause stomach aches, which is why I would recommend taking just one pill if its your first time taking this Constipation Medication.

Rank 2 (New With One)


This Constipation medication has 48 day worth of medication/ box and sold at 2,480 yen/ box. This is a fairly natural remedy, stimulating bowel movements by supplying the body with more fiber, and you should start seeing results within 4 hours or so of drinking the Constipation Medicine. It is highly recommended for people who have an unbalanced diet. In particular, I would recommend this Constipation for females who are on a diet because it suppresses your hunger, and also gives you a fairer complexion. Because it is a powder type medication, I usually mix it with a smoothie every day. You should definitely try this Constipation Medication out because it does more than cure Constipation, and quite worth it despite its slight higher price compared to other Constipation Medication.

Rank 1 (New Biofermin S)

New Biofermin S

This Constipation medication has 540 tablets/ bottle and sold at 3,150 yen/ box, and it is one of the most well-known Constipation medications in Japan. The great thing about New Biofermin S compared to other Constipation Medication is its affordability. It contains lactic acid bacteria that stimulates bowel movements and relieves constipation. However, you need to take 9 tablets (3 tablets/ time, 3 times/ day), which can be quite a hassle. But because there are no side effects to this Constipation medication, I would highly recommend this constipation medication.

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