Hi, this Angela, born in Shanghai, raised in Canada and currently living in Japan!

If you are reading up on my article right now, I assume that you are finding yourself with a migraine/ headache in Japan, and you are finding yourself looking for some good made in Japan migraine/ headache medication because you can’t find any Tylenol or Aspirin. However, the problem is that there are too many types of made in Japan migraine/ headache medication in the drug store. Well, we all know that we don’t need another cause for a headache when we already have one! To at least cure one of your headaches, today I am going to introduce the Top3 Made in Japan Migraine/ Headache Medication that will save your day!


Rank 3 Eve A Tablets

Eve A

I believe I introduced Eve A Tablets in my article on menstrual cramp medications. Rather than menstrual cramps, Eve A Tablets is commonly used for migraine/ headaches in Japan. Well, personally I feel a difference when I take Eve A Tablets as a medication for migraine/ headaches and menstrual cramps. I find it is more effective for migraine/ headaches than menstrual cramps. For me, as a menstrual cramp reliever, the strength of the medication is kind of on the mild side and it seems that it can cause itchiness in some people as a side effect, but it works great for migraine/ headaches.


Rank 2 Norshin Pure

Norshin Pure 1

This migraine/ headache medication is a common pain reliever medication taken by Japanese people. It also works against menstrual cramps and other inflammations. You should feel the pain subside soon after you take the medication. I prefer Norshin Pure over other pain relieving medication,   and to be honest with you, I don’t really see a difference between Norshin Pure and Bufferin A which sales is ranked no.1 for migraine/ headache medication at the moment. I guess Bufferin A is just more well known in general.

Rank 1 Bufferin A

Bufferin A

This migraine/ headache medication has been a longtime favorite among Japanese people. It is not only effective against migraine/ headaches it is also effective against menstrual cramps, joint pain, backaches, muscle aches, stiff shoulder, tooth aches, etc. You will feel the pain subside soon after taking this migraine/ headache medication, and because it doesn’t cause drowsiness, I would highly recommend you try this migraine/ headache medication the next time you need some pain killers.

I hope you liked my article! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Well, enjoy your time in Japan!

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