Gaster 10

J.W, a writer in his mid 20’s, from California, USA.

I was diagnosed with gastric ulcer some years back which I have been successfully able to manage up until date. The issue started as a result of the nature of  the nature of my work. I would go long hours without eating. After a series of consultations and visits to a medical expert, 40mg of Nexium was prescribed for me daily coupled with adequate balanced diet intake to prevent my stomach walls from secreting excess acid. I wasn’t given a specific number of days as the gastric ulcer was recurrent. I was just asked to always be on the medication, and my diet were to consist more of fruits, vegetable, protein and avoid fats and anything peppery. However, due to my busy schedule, I do forget to take my medications at times.

Some months ago, I started feeling intense pain around my stomach walls. After deciding to share my recent predicament with one of my friends who ply his trade in Japan, he informed me he once had a similar problem, but it had totally gone by now. He told me he took a drug named Gaster 10. That was then the most effective drug for maintaining regular stomach pains. He agreed to get me few tablets on his next trip back to the States.

Gaster 10


The “Gaster 10 is a white tablet of about 3.5mm thickness. The drug suppresses the secretion of stomach acid. Each tablet is 10mg. I usually take two tablets after breakfast and another two after supper (or before going to bed) to complete the 40mg daily dosage requirements. In case I forget to take my medication in the morning, I will take the four tablets together in the night. This did not really matter at all since the most important thing was to make up for the 40mg daily dosage of the tablet.

I must say, the drug worked very well. Roughly had I took the drug for up to three weeks, I was already noticing great improvements in my health status. I was happy things were getting better. I thanked my friend who recommended the drug for me and told him to get me some more anytime he was coming back to the States. Even though the drug was working quite well, but at times, I do feel some form of itching on my arm. I did not give this much attention at first maybe because I was glad I had been relieved of the stomach pains or because side effects like itching were normal reactions experienced after taking some drugs due to the nature of my body.

Because of my initial negligence of these side effects, the itching continued to get intense. Red rash began to occur around my back area. It did not stop at this alone. I started developing some feeling of weakness and loss of appetite. I got really irritated with everything around me. It continued for about two weeks, which then later developed into a fever. I finally broke down. All the self-medications I opted for had little or no improvement on my current health status.

I went to seek the advice of a medical expert who then told me that everything had been because of the Gaster 10 I was taking. I was told it contained some chemical compositions, which my body organs reacted badly to. I was also told that if I had not come to complain on time, it would not only have worsened my initial gastric ulcer but would have gone on to cause a further liver disorder. I went back to my previous Nexium and some other antibiotics and things started improving.

My simple advice is to always seek the advice of a pharmacist or doctor before trying any medication which may result in future complications.

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