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Japan has a big pharmacy chain. Anytime you walk into a Japanese pharmacy, there is always a difficulty in recognizing and selecting what to buy. Part of it is the language barrier and a part of the problem is due to simple brand unfamiliarity. The sad thing is, it does not get much better with time. Even after learning Japanese to a bearable extent, you still have to be very observant before selecting your drugs so as not to end up going for the wrong medication, which may complicate your health issues.


Headaches can occur anytime. It can be more complicated than what people usually think. A friend of mine usually has headaches a lot since he was living in a noisy environment. After serious consultation with the medical expert, he was advised to keep maintaining it if he could not afford to move elsewhere. Since he could not afford to relocate, he kept using 2 tablets of Tylenol,  4-6  hours as prescribed by the doctor anytime he starts to feel the headaches.

Tylenol as a drug, is not recommended for anyone with a liver problem. He had a drinking habit. The Alcohol started to affect his liver at a point. In order not to damage his liver while treating his headaches, he opted to stop using Tylenol. On his search for alternatives drugs that does not contain acetaminophen at a high concentration, he came in contact with Eve Quick Headache medicine, a Japanese drug used for treating fever, headache, menstrual cramps and other body pains.

This drug had no particular dosage recommended. All he did was to slightly adjust its usage based on how severe the pain was. Alas! It worked to great effect. Any time the headache symptoms started to occur (migraines, dizziness, banging in his head), all he needed to take was just 2 tablets every 2 after every meal. He was able to cure his headache and maintain his liver too. You can also adjust the dosage for your particular weight and level of pain.

Few side effects were noticed, even though it was not something of serious concerns. Eve Quick has some content of sedatives in it. You may feel drowsy after taking it depending on the nature of your body. Therefore, it is not advisable to take the drug while operating a machinery or driving.

Another side effect was a distributive shock, which may be caused by the impaired distribution of blood flow. You may likely feel dizzy and lose your balance. In case you feel uncomfortable, just take a short rest and everything will be back to normal. For persistent headaches, Eve Quick headache medicine is highly recommended.

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