Loxonin S

A.D. 25, California. Businessman, Foreign Export Trading.

After working long hours, with little or no time to rest, Andrew began to feel some sort of back pain. At first, he thought it was caused by his bad sitting posture. He tried to make amendment by making sure his back was well rested anytime he carried out his work whether at home or in the office. However, the pain would not stop. He went further by performing exercises during the weekends and making sure, he lies on his back anytime he sleeps. Even after all these, he kept on feeling the back pain.

The pains got serious after some time. Hardly could he walk without support. His level of productivity began to diminish. He opted for medical advice from an expert. 3g of Aspirin were prescribed for him to be taken daily since he was an adult. A tablet of Aspirin contains 325mg. He was to take 3 tablets of Aspirin after every meal to make up for the required 3g.

His condition started improving. He kept of taking the drugs by adhering strictly to the prescription of the medical expert. He got back on his feet and was able to go about his work with no back pain worries.

Unfortunately, he ran out of the Aspirin tablets on one of his trips to Japan. After some time, the back pains started showing signs again. To prevent any further complications, he ordered a painkiller at a Japanese store. He was given Loxonin. He had no prior knowledge about the drug. All he wanted was a painkiller.

He followed the same Aspirin prescriptions for taking the Loxonin. He thought they were going to work the same way. He took the Loxonin as an alternative to Aspirin. That was his mistake. The Loxonin did its job in reducing the back pains. He later got to know that Loxonin was a much more powerful painkiller compared to Aspirin. He only needed 3 tablets of Loxonin per day, one after every meal. This would not have happened if more directives were indicated on the pack of the drug. It was already almost too late before he got to know all these. He had been taking an overdose of Loxonin all these while.

After some time, nemesis started catching up with my friend, Andrew. The side effects of the Loxonin started kicking in. it initially started as minor itching along some body parts. He later developed a rash on his back. The rash began to spread across all his body area. He fell ill to the extent that he could neither talk nor eat. He had lost his appetite. He started to vomit a lot even without consuming any food. At the end of the day, he had to be admitted to a hospital.

Further diagnosis showed that the Loxonin had begun to damage his stomach walls. He was having gastric discomfort, and pain in the pit of his stomach. It was already affecting his liver and kidney. The doctors and nurses did their best in treating him and reviving him back to life. He became much better after up to three months on the sick bed.

He was later told that the Loxonin works by inhibiting enzymes producing inflammatory chemicals in the blood stream. Loxonin is not approved in the United States. It is only recommended for a patient with suffering from chronic and acute pains. This is because of the strong composition of chemical compounds involved in the activation of the inflammatory response.

Since then, he learnt his lesson not to try any drug without following the prescriptions and having a thorough research on the drug. Anytime the back pains occur, he would just take the required dosage of Aspirin as usually.

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