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My friend Andrew once developed a persistent cough after a long winter. Even though the heater was able to make the air dry but this was not enough. Anytime he laid down to rest, the cough would return. At times, he would cough throughout the night. His condition got critical. It felt like there was a lot of thick phlegm along his throat but he was unable to get it out.

After trying series of homemade cough remedies ranging from hot tea, peppermint, honey and lime which all proved futile, he decided to go to a medical specialist. This medical expert prescribed 30mL spoonful of Dayquil to be taken every six hours. He followed the prescription for like a week and still no improvement. All it did was to dry up his throat but it was not still able to stop the cough.

On one of his trips to Japan, he saw the drug at a local Japanese market. He asked the attendant about it and got to know that people gave the drug positive reviews. Even though the drug looked somehow strange to him, but he decided to give it a shot. That was his first encounter with Ryukakusan Direct.

Ryukakusan Direct comes in powder form, packaged in small sachets. It was made into granular form so that it can be taken anytime, anywhere, even without water. He took the drug four times daily with at least three hours in between usage. This was not a prescription since the drug had no actual description on it that can be easily understood. He only got the drug because of its positive reviews by the local pharmacist attendant and few people around. He only decided to use the drug like that with hope that it could cure his cough as soon as possible

After using the drug for three consecutive days, he began to notice gradual improvements. The rate at which he coughed earlier had reduced drastically. He could now get more sleep during the night. He could carry on his day-to-day activities without chest pains. His throat was clear, there was no phlegm at all. After continuing the medication for like a week, the cough was totally gone. It was like a miracle. He gave the drug the name “Mystic Powder from the East”.

Even after he stopped using the drugs, the cough did not occur anymore. It was gone for good. He continued with his normal lifestyle at the same time monitoring his body for any side effects what so ever. To his surprise, there was nothing of such. The only problem he had was with the taste of the Ryukakusan Direct. Since it was in powder form, it had this kind of bitter aftertaste. He usually supplements it with something sweet (maybe honey, candy) to neutralize the aftertaste effect. Apart from that, his body was fine and back to normal. It was a miracle indeed!

He recommended the drug for me and advised me to get it and store it. No reason to wait till I get a cough. It should be a staple in my cabinet. The drug works much better than Dayquil, and Nyquil. No one knows when a cough will show up. What we only know is that the weather will be very cold during winter. As the English man always say, “….prepare for the rainy days”. This made him recommend the drug Ryukakusan Direct for everyone out there.

The medicine is for the inflammation of the throat, phlegm and coughing. Not only can it be used to cure a cough, it can also be used to cure a sore throat, hoarse of rough throat, throat swell and throat ache.

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