Hi, this Angela, born in Shanghai, raised in Canada and currently living in Japan!

Atopy is a pretty big issue, especially if you are a girl. Well, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that it’s not a big deal for guys too…it’s just a bigger deal for girls because… well, you know… we’ve all been brain washed into believing fair complexion is an enormous plus in life… just think about Snow White! Right, so the last thing you need… is a bad complexion. In Japan, it is said that 10%~20% of the population suffers from Atopy, and that it is hard to completely cure the illness. We all know that the number one solution is to get some prescribed cream from the dermatologist. Well, if you are in Tokyo, and you are looking for a good dermatologist, you can always check out our Doctor Q hospitals and clinics page. However, what do you do if you don’t have much time to go see a dermatologist? Well, I am going to introduce the Top 3 Made in Japan Atopy cream that will save your day when you are in a rush and don’t have time to go see your dermatologist!

Rank 3   (馬油) Horse Oil

This odorless moisturizing cream is great for people with dry skin. It not only works as a great moisturizer, it also kills bacteria and prevents infections, which is what makes it a great for people with Atopy, as stated by patients with Atopy. According to reviews, after a week of applying the cream, big cuts became visibly smaller while minor cuts became barely visible.


Rank 2 (ドルマイシン軟膏) Dolmycin

There were a few comments about the speedy recovery of Atopy cuts with visible effects over one night, but with all medications, the results are dependent on the person. There are 2 types of antibiotics in the medicated cream is effective against most bacteria causing Atopy.


Rank 1 ポリベビー (Poly baby)

This medicated cream contains Zinc Oxide, and after applying the cream, it leaves a white layer on your skin. Like most medicated creams, it contains components that helps disinfect, and antibiotics that is effective against the bacteria causing Atopy. It is generally a medicated cream used on babies, and as a plus, it also contains vitamin A to help the normalization of the skin.

I hope you liked my article! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Well, enjoy your time in Japan!