What you eat goes a long way in determining how healthy you are. This is why it is often advisable to include more of proteins, vegetables, and fruits in our diet on a daily basis. These foods contain nutrients that help in repairing the body tissues, and fighting germs and other diseases. However, there are cases whereby your body reacts badly after taking these foods. It is not as if the food is bad, it is just the body that reacts badly when they are consumed. They may affect the skin, the respiratory system, stomach or even the cardiovascular system. This is known as Allergy.

Many types of foods can be allergens, but certain foods are much more likely than others to trigger an allergic reaction. Some of the foods that usually cause allergy are milk, sugar, peanut, fish, wheat, and soy. Anyone allergic to them will begin to feel uncomfortable after taking them. Sneezing, vomiting diarrhea etc. are some of the symptoms of food allergy.

Anthony started to develop an upset stomach anytime he took dairy products like cheese and milk. He would start going to the toilet every now and then. Anytime these form of stomach upsets occur, it takes him days to recover. On one occasion, he had to be rushed to the hospital where he was placed on admission. The diagnosis revealed that he was suffering from diarrhea caused by an allergy.


Imodium was prescribed for him to maintain his health and stop the stomach upset anytime it occurred. Although he was to be taking a tablet after every meal until he had fully recovered. He stopped using the drug after he gained full recovery. He was also advised to keep away from these dairy products in the meantime till he was able to find a long lasting solution.  Even though he knew he was allergic to milk, but who dare resist a cup of a milkshake. He was unable to fight the urge to take them. He needed a drug that could maintain a balance in his digestive system anytime he took dairy products.


On one of his trips to japan, he had his usual digestive issues. He went into a Japanese store to get a drug that could cure diarrhea. The attendant prescribed Biofermin for him. Not long after he started to take the drug, he started to note significant improvements in his health. This was confirmed after he took a cup of milk, but he immediately used a tablet of Biofermin after. There were no diarrhea related issues. He could now take the diary products but has to follow it with a tablet of Biofemin to neutralize the allergy effect.


Biofermin promotes good bacteria in one’s stomach and intestine. It can be taken not only when having diarrhea caused by allergy, but can also be used for other issues like too much gas in the stomach, stomach upset, and vomiting. The drug is highly recommended for every age grade. Be sure to always have it in your first aid kit.