After operating a machine for a long time, no matter the daily or any time of maintenance carried out on it, wear and tear will begin to occur. The efficiency will start to reduce. This is also the case of the human body. Once you begin to age, say 50 years and above, the body parts will not be able to function as it used to. You begin to feel body aches and joint pains. The most important thing is looking for the best way to maintain it.

Timothy, 52 years, decided to take a road walk a Saturday morning. He was a retired man who stayed at home throughout weekdays. He takes these walks as a form of exercise to stretch his body parts and have a feel of his environment. He mistakenly sprained his knee after plunging into a porthole on his way back. To him, it was just a minor sprain. He managed to get home where he saw someone to help him massage his knee area.

After some days, he began to feel frequent pains around his knee area. He visited an orthopaedist afterward. The orthopaedist prescribed aspirin tablets for him. He was to take two tablets every six hours. The Aspirin helped in relieving him some pain but that was not enough. After some time, his knee began to swell. He found it hard to walk with it.

One of his friends who had travelled to Japan of few occasions recommended Chondroitin ZS for him. This is a pain reliever used by adults in japan suffering from joint aches. The pack contained 180 tables. He was to be taking two tablets three times daily, after his meal.

He began to feel the positive effect of the drugs after taking it for some weeks. The swelling and pain around his knee area began to fade away. He was now able to move around gradually. After completing the dosage, he had to order another for him to be able to keep taking the drugs.

No side effects were noticed during the administration of the drug. Further research showed that it is not advisable for asthma patients to take the drug. It may worsen their respiratory condition due to the chondroitin sulfate contained in the drug.

Chondroitin ZS is highly recommended for old people to relieve them of any form of joint pain. Not like they should expect a total cure. Sometimes, it may be due to old age. But the drug will go a long way in relieving them of their pains.