Menopause is a stage every woman between the ages of 40 and 58yrs will experience in life. Some experience it early while other experiences it late. Whichever way, it is a stage where production of Oestrogen hormone and other sexual libidos decline. At this stage, the ovaries stop producing Oestrogen, the menstrual cycle ceases. There will not be any monthly blood flow. Once you reach this stage, the delicate female body begins to experience some change.

This was the case of Mrs. Mary. She was 46 years of age when she reached menopause. She had to go for a pregnancy test when she did not see her menstrual cycle. Results showed no sign of pregnancy. Few weeks after, she began to have some physical symptoms like joint aches, hot flushes, insomnia and night sweats. She thought it was fever symptoms initially. She got some tablets of Coartem, an anti-malaria drug from a nearby chemist. After three days of which the drugs had no positive effect on her, she visited the hospital.

After some diagnosis, she was told that those were menopause symptoms. They will begin to occur once her monthly menstrual cycle ceases to occur. The medical expert recommended two pills of Lexapro after every meal. This was to reduce the severity of her hot flushes. She was to increase the dosage after few days to three tablets.

She continued to use the drug for close to three weeks. Even after increasing the dosage, the drug did not work to her full satisfaction. She was still feeling some aches in her joints, dizziness and tiredness at times. In order not to worsen her health status, she began to make an online research. That was how she encountered a Japanese medicine for women on eBay. The name of the drug was Inochi No Haha. She decided to try it based on the online reviews.

The drug came in a pack, containing 840 tablets. It is a sugar-coated pill. She was to take four tablets three times a day, before every meal for the next 70 days. Little had she began to use the drug that she started seeing positive results. There were no more hot flushes. She could now carry out her daily activities without unnecessary stress or weakness. Not only that, her night sweats were beginning to fade away. Insomnia began to be a story of the past. She could now sleep throughout the night.

Furthermore, she stopped feeling aches in her joints. Nothing to disturb her mobility anymore. The frequent headaches she used to experience before she started taking the drugs were also gone too. The Inochi No Haha medicine really worked to great effect.

Unknowing to her, she had to complete the dosage and in fact, may be required to get more. The thought of her being better, made her stop using the medicine for some time. That was a big mistake. Few days after she stopped, the symptoms that had gone already began to reoccur. She simply had to go back to using the medicine again and everything returned back to normal.

The Inochi No Haha medicine is a good medication for women, 40yrs and above to combat the symptoms of menopause. Depending on the nature of the body and our diet, it may take most women between 3-5 years to get past the menopause stage. The drug is “Mother of Life” because it restores the hormonal balance of women.